Teens Need Help Too: 4 Signs of Depression You Really Should Not Ignore

The effects of having an alcoholic can be really hard on adults but they can be even harder on teenagers. While adults have the emotional maturity to sufficiently deal with ups and downs, teens may not have the same mechanisms in place.

When there is an alcoholic in the family, it can get pretty hairy. When teenagers are involved, they can start to exhibit a variety of issues. One of the primary ones could be depression—which is why it would be highly important to understand some common signs of depression in teens.

Signs of Depression

Stark Changes in Eating and Sleeping Habits

Depression can make people do certain things differently. It can make people suddenly change personalities and habits. For example, someone who would usually be a morning person suddenly find themselves preferring to stay up late at night. It could also manifest as someone who used to eat in moderation now prefers to binge.

m1 - Teens Need Help Too: 4 Signs of Depression You Really Should Not Ignore

Constant Irritability or Anger

While a lot of movies or TV series like to depict teens as being moody, that isn’t exactly something that counts as their default setting—so to speak. Teens, when not going through anything stressful or traumatic, are usually inherently cheerful and happy. So if your teen suddenly exhibits constant irritability or anger, it may be a sign of depression.


Happy and well-adjusted teens do not just start shutting themselves away for no good reason. So if your teen suddenly becomes withdrawn, you may need to pay a bit more attention. It is important to note that while they may withdraw from you; this does not mean that they will withdraw completely. Teens like companionship and will usually still open up to someone they truly trust.

Heightened Sensitivity to Questions or Criticism

When a teen is depressed, they tend to be highly defensive. This is predominantly due to the fact that they are often plagued with very low self-worth and a general sense of powerlessness.

m2 - Teens Need Help Too: 4 Signs of Depression You Really Should Not Ignore

Please Remember

The symptoms are not a ‘one size fits all’ sort of deal. Different people display different symptoms. While there are some symptoms that can be quite common, it would still be important to get professional help. We highly suggest that you introduce your teen to an Alateen organization close to you. They are an organization much like us but are specialized toward the concerns of teenagers.

Has there been a teen around you that has been exhibiting any sign of depression?

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