Taking a Suitable Break: 3 Productive Activities to Help You Release Stress

There is no denying the fact that life can be pretty stressful. This is exceptionally true when there is someone struggling with addiction in your family or circle of friends. While it is good to help them out, you need to also take care of yourself. It would make very little sense to give all you’ve got to help someone else and not leave anything for yourself.

When you are trying to help someone who is struggling with alcoholism, life can seem like it is wound up pretty tightly. It could be fine one day but one wrong word or odd action can set off a rather tense and toxic environment. If you are planning on helping anyone out with their issues, it would be best for you to pick up activities that can help you release stress. Here are three productive ones:


yoga - Taking a Suitable Break: 3 Productive Activities to Help You Release Stress

It is scientifically backed up that physical exertion is one of the best ways to help your body sort out stressors. Exercise also produces dopamine which triggers the pleasure sensors of your brain. Doing yoga can do more for you than any sort of exercise because it involves meditation and grounding as part of its flow.

Yoga can help you work out and find your center.


wr - Taking a Suitable Break: 3 Productive Activities to Help You Release Stress

The act of writing down your emotions can be a pretty cathartic exercise. You get to say what you want down unto the paper without having to vocalize anything that may set off the situation. The simple act of writing is a great way to unburden your feelings and still stay responsible.

A popular activity that often suggested by therapists is to write a letter to a particular person and then burn it afterwards. You get the emotional release without having to worry about how the other person is going to take it.


baking - Taking a Suitable Break: 3 Productive Activities to Help You Release Stress

Routine and structure is often a good way to bust out stress. If there was anything that has both, it would be the act of baking. Baking has very precise instruction which also do not require significant thought.

Baking can keep you preoccupied and getting what you’ve made at the end of the activity is a great way to sort out your emotions and just keep your mind away from troubling ideas.

Please Remember

When it comes to helping others, it is very important that you are well-adjusted. It will not help anyone if you have your own issues that aren’t sorted out. Chances are you will just end up clashing with the troubled individual. So we hope that you’ll try out the activities we’ve mentioned above!

What productive activity do you use to help manage stress?

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Mental Health is Wealth: Where to Seek Help When You Need It

The general goal of anyone is to have a pleasant and uncomplicated life. So it can be quite difficult when it is the decisions of other people that end up damaging or complicating our lives. It is strange but common to have the actions of others have a toll on our emotions and quality of living.

This is very true when someone in your life is struggling with being an alcoholic. While most of the focus is on the person undergoing the addiction, those around them need just as much help as well. Being around someone undergoing addiction can really do a number on those around them. If you are such a person, you know very well what we are talking about.

Any environment that has an alcoholic in it can turn into a toxic one really fast. The addicts’ inability to stay away from the drink—using anything or saying anything that they can to get another glass can be quite detrimental to those they love—especially if violence enters the picture. If you are reading this, we understand what you are going through. We have gone through it ourselves and we know first-hand what such an environment and what such a person can do to your mental health.

If you are thinking of seeking help, it would be important for you to know where you can find it. This is what we wanted to discuss today. If you are looking for help, these are some pretty good places to find it:

Self or at Home Detox Programs

Many addicts will try this option before seeking outside help. It’s because the addict doesn’t realize how badly the addiction has taken control of them. There are some at home programs like the ones from Synergydetox.com. While we don’t know the actual results of these types of self-detox programs, we would highly recommend one of the below solutions since addiction many times requires outside help for a successful road to recovery.

Local Rehabilitation Centers

Maryland is the home of some state of the art rehabilitation centers. The mental healthcare professionals that have their practice in the area can help you by providing you the knowledge and—if necessary— the medication that you need.

Local Police Department

It is no secret that a person battling addiction can be a threat. If you feel like your personal safety or the safety of anyone else in the home is in imminent danger, do not wait. Pick up the phone and call 911. They can provide a good way for you to establish a secure space for yourself and your family.

Local Al-Anon Organization

Al-Anon is there to provide you the emotional and mental support that you will require. We and other organizations like us prioritize the friends and family members of alcoholics and help them to regain their sense of wellness.

img4 - Mental Health is Wealth: Where to Seek Help When You Need It

Please Remember

You are never alone in the struggle to get your feet back to solid footing. Help will always be available for anyone who knows where to look for it. We hope that you will utilize the options that we’ve mentioned above.

What other avenues for help can you go about?

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Stop Feeding Unhealthy Habits: Steps to Cut Off Codependency

One the pitfalls of human behavior is that we tend to try to be as supportive as we can when it comes to people we love. While that may seem to be a good virtue, we inadvertently fall into a pattern of codependency.

What is Codependency?

Codependency, in its strictest definition, is the over reliance on a person for support or affirmation. This is something that usually occurs because of addiction or an underlying mental issue. When experts were studying the concept of codependency, they found that this is commonly found between someone struggling with addiction and an enabling significant other, family member, or friend.


There are several signs that point to a codependent relationship. Here are a few of them:

  • Feeling of being trapped
  • Repressing voicing your thoughts out of fear of an argument
  • Inability to say no to a partner’s demands
  • Consistently making excuses or covering up a partner’s problematic behaviors

img3 - Stop Feeding Unhealthy Habits: Steps to Cut Off Codependency

Cutting off Codependency

There are several ways in which you can start your way toward actual healthy relationships. Here are a few steps:

Recognizing the codependent behavior

It can be quite easy to think that something you are doing “out of love” or “out of respect” would not have any negative consequences or was something that was entirely normal or even expected in a relationship. However, the trouble occurs when one cannot tell the difference between loving behavior and feeding an unhealthy set of habits.

When you recognize the existence of codependent behavior, you are well on your way to setting healthy boundaries and recovering your sense of wellness.

Choosing to challenge any self-defeating thoughts or actions

People in codependent relationships are often carrying thoughts that are often self-defeating. They believe that they should refrain from trying to change the situation because “it won’t change anything” or the partner will be angered by it.

When you choose to challenge such thoughts, decisions, or actions, you empower yourself and start to break away from the cycle of unhealthy behavior.

Please Remember

Codependency is something that is developed. This means that it is also something that can be wholly unraveled with the right decisions and set of habits. So while there are other steps that can help you break free of codependency, those would be something that you can discover with your support group or your chosen therapist.

Consider the facets of your relationships; are you in a codependent one?

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You Need Help, Too: Coping With an Alcoholic in the Family

Having a problematic alcoholic in the family is never an easy scenario. More often than not, it is the family members that suffer the most as they are predominantly manipulated and affected by the alcoholic’s addiction. It can be extremely difficult to live with someone who is in the midst of alcoholism.

Even if the addict gets better, the emotional and in extreme cases physical scars can be quite difficult to get over. So we’re speaking directly to anyone who has ever had an alcoholic in their life. There are a few universal truths that you need to remember about coping with an alcoholic:

dr2 - You Need Help, Too: Coping With an Alcoholic in the Family

It’s Okay to Admit You Were Manipulated

One of the biggest issues that those who continue to have alcoholics in their lives is living with the fact that they have been and will continue to be manipulated. A very common attribute of alcoholics or anyone that suffers with addiction is that they are master manipulators.

The very love and goodwill bestowed upon them by friends and family members will be turned into weapons that will use time and time again. They will say and do anything to get their next hit. It is never easy to admit that your judgment and emotions were used and manipulated.

It’s Okay to Admit You Feel Powerless

Having to navigate through the often mercurial temper of someone with alcohol addiction can really chip away at your self-confidence. A lot of family members and friends of alcoholics often struggle with rediscovering the strength to regain the control over their relationship with the alcoholic.

dr1 - You Need Help, Too: Coping With an Alcoholic in the Family

Please Remember

You do not need to tackle this alone. One of the best things that you can do for yourself and even the troublesome person in your life is to seek help. Your capacity to help them goes beyond just saying ‘no’ to disruptive behavior. If you want to truly be helpful and cope with the issues present in your life, there needs to be stability and peace on your part.

What sort of help do you think you need?

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Getting Started: Just What Exactly Is Al-Anon?

Hello and welcome to Al-Anon. We’re very glad to have you here with us. Today, we wanted to provide you with a better idea of what you can come to expect from this site and what we aim to achieve with every new discussion.

The concepts of addiction and recovery have vastly been centered on the person undergoing the struggle. Being addicted to alcohol is extremely difficult and we do believe that they need to get sufficient help. However, it is not just the addict that is affected by their bad decisions and their struggles.

In a home environment where there exists an alcoholic, the addiction affects everyone in that environment. While a majority of the emphasis was for the addict and not so much their friends or families. Recovery programs often neglected to mention how the addiction would affect the other people in the life of the addict. It was only in the recent couple of decades that healthcare professionals also considered that the people in the immediate sphere of the alcoholic. This is what we aim to help with.

What Can You Expect From Al-Anon?

In this website and through this organization, will be touching on critical points for those who presently or have previously have had an alcoholic in their life. We will be discussing topics like:

Mental Health

Being around a troubled person can be extremely trying and turns rather toxic. We are going to explore ways for friends and family members of alcoholic to care for their mental health.

Effective Support

A person’s journey to sobriety is not something that they do alone. So we also want to discuss ways to effectively become a positive support for each other and for the one who is trying to achieve sobriety.

img - Getting Started: Just What Exactly Is Al-Anon?

Please Remember

Al-Anon is here to help you. We believe that in order for us to effectively help others, we need to sufficiently help ourselves first. After all, we cannot give something that we do not have. If we want a loved one to successfully achieve their wellness, we need to be at that level of wellness as well.

What would you like for Al-Anon to do for you?

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