Surviving Abuse: Sorting Out the Baggage You Carry With You

There is always a chance that an environment wherein someone is struggling with alcoholism can turn violent. When that has happened, the recipients of that violence will have to carry that with them. Surviving abuse can be quite difficult to manage but it is achievable. Today, we wanted to discuss ways how you may sort out any emotional baggage that is born out of an abusive environment.

Locate and label the baggage

It can be quite challenging to own up to having baggage. After all, no one really likes to consider the idea that they are anything but whole or unscathed from a bad environment. That’s simple self-preservation. However, that is not truly conducive to a healthy sense of self.

img5 - Surviving Abuse: Sorting Out the Baggage You Carry With You

A good way to acknowledge the baggage that you carry is to confront the thoughts you would rather not think about. We suggest you write down any memory that is tied to anything that you feel ties you down or weighs heavily on your chest. There’s a big chance that you will be able to locate something that really bothers you.

Acknowledge the issue/s

Once you’ve found them, it would be important to start dissecting why it is considered to be baggage and how it affects your life presently. It would make very little sense to know there is an issue but still choose to ignore it altogether.

In order to sort out the baggage that you are carrying, you need to establish its validity and make the conscious decision to address it head on.

Talk to someone

You do not need to speak to a therapist if you do not feel comfortable about it. What is important is that you speak to someone about the issues that you are having. Talk to a friend that you trust implicitly or you can even speak to trusted family member.

img6 - Surviving Abuse: Sorting Out the Baggage You Carry With You

It always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes addressing the situation. While seeking therapy may not be your cup of tea, we highly suggest it. There is nothing quite like the expertise of someone that has dedicated their life to helping people with their wellness concerns.

Please Remember

Baggage can be quite heavy but only if choose to carry it by yourself. Baggage, especially emotional ones, can be challenging to address but it is entirely possible to do so. All you need is the determination and the right kind of help to see it through.

How do you cope with your baggage?

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