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Alcoholism can be a terrible thing for everyone involved. When alcohol becomes a problem, it is not just the alcoholic that is affected. Everyone that they have around them gets affected as well. No one gets affected more than family members and very close friends. When an alcoholic becomes too much to handle, it is those close family members and friends that suffer the most.

We are Al-Anon and we want to help. We are a support organization that is dedicated to providing suitable aid and guidance for those who have an alcoholic in their life. In our pursuit to build a network that would come in handy, we have come across some pretty useful resources. We want to share that with you today.

Project Know

This website has a vast repository of articles, news, and updates about understanding addiction. They provide a good starting point for anyone who wants or needs to get sober. They have a hotline for anyone who is seeking help.


This website provides people with additional resources and connections toward sources that would help them deal with addiction. They have a rather impressive list of rehabilitation centers that could be found in Maryland. So if there was anyone seriously considering checking into rehab or finding a good therapist, this resource is highly useful.

If you have your own resources that you found to be highly useful, we would love to know about them. Share your resource with us so that we can all continue to provide support and help to those who seek it.