Before You Lend a Hand: Personal Wellness Questionnaire for You

If you believe that you would really like to help someone who may be presently struggling with a loved one or friend who is an alcoholic, we cannot place enough stress on the fact that your personal wellness must be solid. To provide you guys with a better sense of the state of your wellness, feel free to use the questionnaire we’ve come up with.

Support System

Do you have a good support system right now?

Before you aim to be part of someone’s support system, it would be important to ensure that you have your own intact and effective support system. When you have a trusted support system, they can help to keep you accountable for your feelings and any issues you may have struggled with.

Is a mental healthcare professional a part of your support system?

While having peers in your support system is good, it is even better to have a professional therapist to be part of your support. They will be able to give you a highly learned evaluation of your wellness status and give you a stronger understanding of your progress.

hand - Before You Lend a Hand: Personal Wellness Questionnaire for You

Emotional Wellness

Have you accepted responsibility for your own wellness above the troubled person in your life?

Your wellness is your own responsibility. It is not something that you hand over to someone else and you do not make things better by prioritizing the needs, feelings, or emotions of the alcoholic in your life.

Are you presently engaged in a healthy relationship with the alcoholic?

This is not something that you should force. While it would be ideal to make your peace with the troubled person in your life, it is ultimately best to be secure in yourself.

Physical Wellness

Do you have a regular productive activity?

It does not good for your wellness to be too caught up in the problem. It will be important that you allot time to doing productive things that will help you distress.

Have you established a good workout routine?

Physical health is just as important as your mental health. Establishing a fairly regular physical routine can help better your chances of reclaiming the power over your life.

Please Remember

Helping other people is good but you must never sacrifice your own safety and wellness. If you feel like you are ever in danger of having your own issues reawakened, it would be best to seek counseling or to abstain from any activities that have to do with exposing yourself to difficult situations. To have a stronger sense of your wellness, don’t hesitate to review the questionnaire that we’ve share above. If each and every single one of them is in the positive, then you have nothing to worry about.

How is your personal wellness questionnaire doing?

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