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Addiction is a singularly horrid thing. It can sneak into people lives, effectively muddling decisions and even relationships between people. When the addiction in question is alcoholism, the effects on the family and friends can be quite far reaching.

Hello and welcome to Al-Anon. We’re glad that you are showing an interest in being a writer! We are always in the firm belief the words matter. They hold a different kind of power that can illicit a myriad of reactions and actions from its audience. In our aim to provide aid and support to families and friends of recovering alcoholics, we understand that there is much that needs to be discussed. It is also something that we know we cannot tackle alone.

That being said, we are looking for more writes to join our writing team. We need passionate individuals who are able to sufficiently and coherently convey their message in an appropriate tone. We are looking for individuals who are able to stick to deadlines and submit wholly original content. We are seeking individuals who are able to tap into their personal experiences in order to build discussions that can truly help.

There have been far too many incidences that words end up doing damage rather than doing their original purpose. We seek to deviate from that. If you believe that you would like to join our writing team, please get in touch with our person in charge and be ready with samples of your writing. Let us all come together to help those that are in the position to help others defeat their addiction.